Copying an IPO

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Sorry to bother,

but how can you copy an IPO from one object property to another property of another object? The two small buttons copy to buffer and paste to buffer appears to work only on similar properties of the same object.

In particular, I want to copy the Energy IPO of a lamp to the Emit Property of a material

Thanx in advance


(Poju) #2

Copy ipo(select curve that you want), select other obj. and add ipo for it if it don’t have one, select where you watnt to paste it(right in ipo window) and press paste window.

Hope it helps, if not ask again and i try to be more… something i don’t remember that word

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Hehe, first problem, how do I ‘Copy IPO’?


(Poju) #4


Select lamp, open ipo window, bottom of window is small lamp icon select it, on right is Energ click it(it selects Energy curve), click that Copy to buffer icon at bottom of ipo window. Now ipo curve is in buffer.

Now select ob. and property (location, energy…) where you want to paste it.

Any better?

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Sorry, not… that was what I was trying to do… It works only
within the same object!

I’m using Blender 2.23 by the way (In case there is a bug…)

Someone told me of the IPO curve editing script, but I cannot find a link!

Thanx anyway


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Oh yes i actually didn’t know that it only works with same kind of objects


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:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: I was wrong :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

It copies the DATA of the IPO from one IPO to another even of different objects, but the IPO must exist :wink:

I was trying to copy an IPO from an objec to another objet without IPOs. Creating an empty IPO on the second object solved the problem…

/me is alreadi rendering in background :wink:


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And what i said in my first post “and add ipo for it if it don’t have one”

I tested before after second post, but i didn’t remember that eighter :smiley: