Copying and Pasting Between Files

I know I can create ObjectA in File1, save the file, then start a new project in File2 and append ObjectA to File2 from the Blender menu. Apparently it’s not possible, while File1 is open, to COPY ObjectA with CTRL or CMD-C, then save File1 (or just start a new project for File2 if I’ve already saved File1), start a new project or load File2, then PASTE ObjectA into File2. As I said, I know I can Append an object into a file. Many times it’s just easier and faster if I could copy an object in the open file, then go to my next file, and paste that object into the 2nd file.

Am I right this can’t be done? If it can’t, I’m curious why. While Append works, this is something I’ve used in many programs so I’m used to it and would like to use it in Blender.

It depends on your operating system, I believe, but what you are describing should work.


Okay. Didn’t think of mentioning the OS - I’m on a Mac. I’m using CMD-C to copy and CMD-V for copy and paste, but the copied object never shows up in the new file.

Well, isn’t that predictable. I’ve tried it before, multiple times. Even made sure to try it with CTRL-C/V, CMD-C/V, as well as through the menu. Objects just weren’t pasting in. So now that I ask for help, of course right after that, it works.

Maybe it was pasting objects in a place where I wasn’t seeing them.

Thank you for the help!

You have to be in object mode when you copy it not edit mode. Maybe that was the problem.

Quite possible. In the future, I’ll make sure it’s in object mode and, after pasting, if I don’t see it, I’ll look for where it is.

Every time I turn around I find something else like this. Not complaining - it’s just Blender and 3D work is SO incredibly complex! I’m really glad people here know so much!

When you copy objects in object mode, you can paste them into another file simply because it stores a “copy.blend” file on your system, so at any point in the future, whatever you last copied can be pasted elsewhere. You don’t even need to keep Blender open. However, it is version dependant, that is to say, something copied in 3.0 will not copy into 3.1 as they have their own “copy” file in the relevant area.
I’ve tripped up with this more than once.

I searched for info on this file and got a lot of hits, but they didn’t mention copy.blend. Where is it stored?

Good to know.

Thank you!

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It’s actually called copybuffer.blend, my mistake and on my system it’s in the temporary folder defined in your preferences, (which in my case is c:\temp). If Blender quits oddly, you may also find a quit.blend in there.


Thank you!