Copying animation data is not working properly. Possible bug

Hello there,

I have a map of curves.

I used the factor start (see image below) to animate the curve being drawn.
I did this for one curve and then linked the animation data to all the other curves.

Now, I would like to offset each curve, for that I need them to be individual actions again. So I go to object>relations>makesingleuser>all data

After doing this the curve animations are still linked together.

To troubleshoot, I just tried animating a sphere with some simple transforms with the goal of transferring the data to a simple cube. After that I perform the same steps: link together> object>relations>makesingleuser it all works as intended. But when I use it with the curve and the settings Factor Start or End it will not work.

Is there any solution to this?


oops! sorry, i didn’t read that it was an animation on curve parameter…
so there is no action for that…

Hi Skuax, thx for the reply, this method I already tried. It works for a simple sphere with simple translations/rotations, but for some reason this will not work with the attributes in the spline curve: Factor start, End

It seems that make single user (right click in the outliner, over the animation) works.
but with a selection in the viewport… no


It looks like a bug when it comes to object parameters…

Make single use

it seems that the active object is not a part of selection.
but it works, except for the active object…

Hey Skuax, thx for taking the time to record those videos. Appreciated

  • Strange, I try it now in the outliner but it still doesn’t make a difference for me. It gives me an error displayed in the image below

try remove all the animations. then reanimate one,(doesn’t work with curve parameters,sorry) then link the animation to the others CTRL L, then unlink with the method above and tweak each.

ps: i’m using here 2.93.4

Hey Skuax, I managed to get it working… I pressed left click on the animation tab in the outliner and made them single user, that didn’t work cause I still had to open the animation as a tab itself and select the actual curve action and make it single user…

Happy we got at least something working, only downside still is that for the map that I have to animate it’s going to be around 3000-6000 curves. Right now this would still mean I would have to manually select thousand of curves and make them single user. By any chance would you know a way to select all these actions by mass and make them single user some way?

Thanks for the help, this already helps out so much :slight_smile:

Normally my second gif technique works.
except for the active element object(the brighter one in the selection). it ll be unaffected by the unlink action