Copying armature settings to meshes with same topology

Hello all,

I’ve got a number of chickens and chicks modeled in Silo, all based on the same base mesh, this means all models have the same vertex layout in the same areas of each model.

Now that I have created an armature rig for one of the chicks, I would like to be able to copy rig and vertex groups and their connections to the other models. How do I go about this ?

You can simply select both the mesh and armature and duplicate a skinned mesh/ armature easily (just Shift-D with both selected) and then adjust the new mesh/rig into new chickens with the same vertex groups etc … but since you have already done the remodeling already you can simply duplicate just your rig / parent them to the new meshes (don’t create vertex groups while you do this let the script do that for you) and try the “Bone Weight Copy” script (in Object Mode 3D header -> Object -> Scripts -> Bone Weight Copy) …