copying between scenes

can u copy an object from on scene to another after youve created the scene (I know you can duplicate obj when creating a scene)

I don’t know but I think it can be done with Python (I don’t know GameBlender Python only plain Python (no BPython))


select your object(s) and do Ctrl-L keys and choose the desired scene name in the pop menu
To make it Local do Alt-L


Good tip OTO :smiley: ,

but I had to press U to remove the link. ALT-L did nothing (2.41).

Ah, this ever changing Blender!? :slight_smile:

Your right Monster Alt-L make…nothing
L key alone pops the make local menu but …no action too!!!

yeah I can get it linked onto another scene but I cant then break the link and have them independent again

Ive done the link, then duplicated the object in the target scene, but I coudnt then get rid of the linked item - I just moved it to another layer and then duplicated the original. This works but its not ideal, has anyone else got any suggestions

As Monster said before press U key and choose the desired item
in the pop up menu
This will “create” an independent object