Copying Blender

Hi everybody.
I’m inexperienced in animation and was looking for something cheap to experiment with. Somebody directed me to Blender for free download. I don’t have internet for my pc. I have to use somebody else’s computer to go online. I tried downloading Blender onto their computer so I could copy it to my computer. It’s downloaded, but I can’t copy it. The person’s computer that I use cannot actually run the program so I can’t use Blender on it. I need it transfered to my computer. Is there a way to do this?

if your download the self-installing zip file, and copy that to like a flash drive or set of floppy disks, you should be good to go.

What is the common medium between your two computers, since you will have to use sneaker*net to transfer the file? Do both have a USB port so you can use a flash drive? Floppy disks? Does your firends pc burn CD?

Hi PapaSmurf.
I downloaded the 8mb for Windows. I was hoping to copy it to a cd or dvd and then copy that onto my pc. And I believe my parents pc can burn cd’s but maybe not dvd’s.

And to the administrators, I just realized I may have posted this thread in the wrong forum. Can it be moved to the correct forum?

I just downloded the version with the zip file. How do I copy it from here?

If you’re on Windows XP and would like to burn it onto a CD, this:

Or this if you don’t see the dialog:

My parents have Windows 98. I have XP on my pc.
I don’t know why my pc won’t connect to the internet when I try to replace mine with theirs. I can’t get online with it. That’s why I trying to download onto theirs and then somehow transfer to mine.

Dialup or BroadBand?

If it’s broadband, it’s possible that you may not have the network settings configured correctly.

Here’s what I do whenever setting up a pc here.

  1. Open up My Computer
  2. Click My Network Places
  3. Click View Network Connections
  4. Right-click your Ethernet adapter, and select properties
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the list in the box, and select TCP/IP
  6. Select Properties, write down the settings you see before you (you may need to restore them)
    7 Check that these options are selected:
    (a) Obtain IP address automatically
    (b) Obtain DNS server address automatically

I can’t guarantee it’ll work, though as long as you write down the settings and the adapter name (if you have more than 1), you’ve got nothing to loose.

Good luck in your endeavours Tarzan.

My parents have broadband.
Are you saying to do this with my pc or my parents pc. And is this supposed to help with my pc connecting to their internet, or help with something on their pc? I’m confused now. LOL.

With your computer, after you’ve replaced theirs with yours again.
This should allow you to connect to the net with your pc.

(Win98 does network setup differently - though that’s somewhat irrelevant here)

Thank you. I’ll try it in a little while.

you need a router.

If you get a chance you should update your parents system to either windows XP sp2, or some flavor of linux.

Windows 98 is wide open to online attacks.
I am supprised you can go online at all.

It’s actually fairly simple to set up two computers to share a single internet connection. You’ll need what’s called a crossover cable, they are fairly inexpensive (maybe 10 euros?).

enhzflep, unfortunately your suggestion didn’t work.

mmph, my parents’ computer does have a lot of problems. Part of it may be because it just keeps running out of space, but it does also get infected quite a bit.

Orinoco, I’ll look into the crossover cable option.

I wonder why I can’t just copy Blender from my parents pc to mine.

Thank you all for trying to help. I’ll let you guys know if I make any progress.

BTW, what do you all think of Blender compared to other brands like 3D Graphics, Poser and Maya, etc.? I know they are expensive and Blender is free. I’m just wondering what the difference is between them.

Blender compared to other apps:

have you got a usb flashdrive?

I found out that my dad has something called a Microvault made by Sony. You put it in a USB port and you can save stuff onto it. It can hold 4GB. I tried it and I was able to transfer Blender to my PC but it still won’t work. I get a message that says

blender.exe - unable to locate component
This application has failed to start becxause MSVCR71.dll was not found. Re-enstalliing the application may fix this problem.

I tried to uninstall it so I can re-enstall it but it won’t work. I get another message that says
The drive or network connection that the shortcut "Uninstall.Ink refers to is unavailable. Make sure that the disk is properly inserted or the network resouce is available,and then try again.

So I tried to delete everything from both pc’s, download Blender onto my parents pc again and transfer to mine. I’ve done it 3 times. I keep getting the same problem. I’ve been trying to download the Blender zip archive 11MB. What’s the difference between this and the Blender installer 8MB? Should I try the Blender installer 8MB?

You’re almost there. I think the ones who are responsible for building the installer have some explaining to do. This file should be in your path. Or at least you can copy this file to your Blender installation folder (located at c:\program files\blender foundation\blender)

I think this file is located at c:\windows\system32.

If it was already in system32, it wouldn’t say that it’s missing.

Using the installer (and not just installing on one machine and copying the install folder over) should ask you if you want to install that file, if it’s missing.

The zip does NOT include this file, so if you’re using that, you’ll have to install it manually (it’s part of the Visual Studio 7 Redist, IIRC).


It’s working.

I finally got my new toy!!!

I tried downloading the 8MB. Then I had to download python and that C++ thingy and transfer to my pc.

Now that I have my new toy, I have to figure out how to play with it. LOL I hope there are tutorials. I can’t figure out how to even draw a single line. LOL.

Thank you all for your suggestions in trying to help me. I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

I don’t understand this. I’ve been trying for at least a couple of hours to figure this out. I downloaded the manual and I’m trying to create the Gus the gingerbread man. I can’t figure out how to make his arms. I swear, it’s been a couple of hours and that’s as far as I got. They say it 30 minutes.

I’m trying to make sense of the manual. It’s telling me to select options that aren’t even there. I have to try to find everything myself. So I keep starting over because I can’t get it right and I get different results every time. Now when I have to make Gus’ arms it says to Box Select like I already learned how in the previous sequence. The manual isn’t clear to me on when the Box Select actually starts. So I keep messing up and I get a different result every time again.

Why is this so confusing? How do I do this? What am I doing wrong?