Copying certain logic bricks?

Ok, I know you easily copy all logic bricks by using Ctrl + C on the object you want to copy from and then select logic bricks, but the biggest problem with this is that is replaces all logic bricks… I do NOT want that. I know the programming for what would be difficult, so I was wondering if there was a way to copy logic bricks from certain states and then it replaces everything in those states with what is being copied.

If you can’t do that in Blender, that’s kind of a problem.

For example, if you have different examples for character features (swimming, climbing) and you put them in seprete blend files, you would want to mix together your features to just be on 1 character.

Now, to do this, it’s a little tedious. If you have a lot of logic bricks to copy to another object, it’s going to take long because you don’t want it to replace all the other logic bricks on the other object you just want to add NEW ones.

So, is there a way to only copy logic bricks from certain states?

That’s all, bye!

I have said the reason I need to know this for the reason above, and I’m wondering if there’s an easier way to mix logic bricks then to have to actually copy them :confused:

I do not know a way to achive that. Sometime this disturbes me as well.
But for me it is a sign, that I need to redisign the logic and use less logic bricks per object.

With that what you describe (swimming, crouching) I would switch to python scripting which feeds the action actuator with the right action and the right start/end frames.

Yeah, I realized that I’m mostly going to use python, so basically 1 keyboard sensor, (because of keyboard config), some other and some actuators. The only problem with python and animation is that sometimes I want to run 2 animations at once and for that I need 2 action actuators.

I use for a running while slashing your sword animation, so I won’t be able to use 1 action actuator at all times. It’s still something I got to figure out I guess :confused:

See ya!