Copying/importing complex shapes in/into Blender

Till now, I’ve been using Bezier curves in blender to copy asymmetrical curves. But for complex shapes such as this one, bezier curves become very tedious. But many image editors can extract the boundary of closed curves (though I agree that the image that I’ve linked here doesn’t have closed boundaries). And cant we directly import these into Blender as meshes/curves.
A few weeks earlier I had seen someone import a font which was unsupported in Blender from Inkscape as a mesh/curve but I am not getting hold of that post now.

Can someone help? How to deal with complex curves which take ages if traced with bezier curves?

You can, I just opened it in gimp, selected by color the background, inverse selected, turn selection into path, exported as a svg, imported it into blender.Some scaling was done. This image just shows possibility’s


Exactly what I wanted! Thanks a lot!