copying keyframes within the dope sheet window

I’m using 2.68a, and I used to be able to grab any keyframe in the dope sheet window… do a shift D … than G X and move the duplicated keyframe along farther down the timeline.

I also tried selecting the keyframe I want to copy and doing a ctrl C — move to farther down the timeline than… ctrl v but that is not working either.
Did something change or is this a bug possibly?

Maybe a bug… I just did it earlier this afternoon with 2.68.5. I just switched to 2.69.1 five minutes ago so I made a test and it works fine too. [SHIFT D], [CTRL C] and [CTRL V] at the frame position. No problem.

So it sounds like it was working for you both versions old and new… I appreciate you testing it Kaluura. It’s not a huge deal, just annoying. I’ll live with it until 2.69 official comes out I guess.

I also am having troubles with copy/paste in the Dopesheet.
I am using 2.69 on Mac.
I have 20 keyframes.
After selecting, say, keyframe 5 and doing either shift-D or using the copy+paste icons, I get keyframes 5 to 20 duplicated…
Any advices ?

Hey Gilles38,

Give you a bump here, but you might want to start a new thread maybe. I was all thru the dopesheet recently, duplicating keys and moving them around, copying and pasting as I please, without any problem. I’m on a win xp machine, maybe it’s a configuration problem with a Mac… dunno…


Hi Randy, yes indeed it works fine on my windows 7 computer using the same Blender file and the same file works also on another Mac.
I suspect problems with my keyboard (some keys are behaving strange since I had a fix a couple of months ago after ropping the computer, oops).
Anyway, I want to thank you again for suggesting the Dopesheet. I am getting a bit used to it and I think it is going to save me LOTS of time and LOTS of files. Very flexible and powerful tool