Copying Keyframes?

Hi guys,

I’m 1 day into my blender experience and have done a little snowman animation! However, I’m running into trouble…

I started with a big snowman, he tips his hat and waves, and some other cute things etc… However, I now want to have a small snowman appear next to him and do some other stuff. So I duplicated the whole snowman using <SHIFT D>, and just scaled it down.

And it works perfectly except the little snowman “inherits” the keyframes from the old snowman. Is there any way to clear this connection between all of the objects in both snowmen?

Here’s my little animation if you were curious :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome aboard!! Well, your question is lacking info, so I will make a few assumptions. I’m going to assume your snowman is made of different objects and animation is accomplished by setting IPO/F-curve keyframes. When you duplicate an object, you duplicate everything that is associated with it, materials, animation data, etc. So the duplicate doesn’t have the same animation data, you have to remove it. For Blender 2.49Select each object of the duplicate snowman and opening an IPO, then press the ‘X’ button in the menu bar, close to the ‘F’ button, and there should be a button with a number by it as well. For Blender 2.5x, open an F-curve (graph editor) window, remove the checkmark by the name of the original, click on the name of the duplicate and press the x-key with you mouse in the window with the curves to delete the curves (you may have to press the a-key to select the curves if they aren’t selected)

If this doesn’t help or make sense, please provide a bit more info, such as what version your using, how you animated it, and it’s always a good idea to attach a .blend file.

Hope this helps,

PS - Nice work for a first attempt!!

Thanks a bundle Randy! It now works perfectly. Sorry about the lack of information, but I just started with this monster of a program and have no clue as to what anything is called…especially since I’ve never done anything like this before.

Thanks for the compliment, and I would have attached a blend file, but this snowman does some crude and rude things so it might not have been appropriate :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again

Glad to hear that worked!.. two tips for you:
First, posting a .blend always helps to troubleshoot problems. Second, I think you need to make like 5 posts before you can do so…

Blender is a complex piece of software, takes time to learn it.

Good luck!