Copying Logic To Multiple Objects

I have MANY objects that are all the same in one scene. I need to add a property to all of these objects. Is there any way I can add the property to one object, then copy the logic to the rest. The logic has to stay the same on all of the objects. How would I do this?

Hello Jay_Dee_892.

Yes, that is possible. Following is the procedure

Assume that you have three objects in your game. A Groundplane, Cube1 and Cube2. You have assigned GameLogic to Cube1 and Cube2 and now you want to assign a property of type string called ‘comment’ to them.

  1. First assign the string property called ‘comment’ to the Groundplane.
  2. Deselect all objects in the scene.
  3. SHIFT-select the Cube1 and Cube2 and then the Groundplane. (The Groundplane should be the active object (light pink outline) since we are copying its property to the selected objects, Cube1 and Cube2 (dark pink outlines))
  4. Press CTRL+C to invoke the “Copy Attributes” menu.
  5. Then choose “Properties” menuitem.
  6. Now from the “Copy Property” menu, choose “comment” menuitem.
  7. Tada!!!

Hope this helped. :smiley: