Copying node setup form one matieral to another (cycles)?

I’m a bit embarassed to ask such an easy question, but: after I imported a model and it already created a few materials (basic ones) and I then go making a nice node setup for one … how do I copy this node setup to be also the node setup for all other matierals in the list? I.e. not creating new ones (i want to keep the ones from the import, because of the link for the correct faces they’re attached to) but just bringing over the node setup I created?

In the node window, you can copy and paste selected node groups with ctrl-C and ctrl-V, so you can copy the one set up and then switch to the new material and paste into it and reconnect the group how you want it.

Ah greast, so I have to group them first, thanks. I assume a group is not necessarily the same as visually colorgrouped nodes? I once saw that in a material, but using grouping didn’t change the color of the background of the grouped things for me.

No, I don’t mean you have to group them first, but that does make things easier to deal with :smiley: I copy and paste individual nodes in groups - select this one, shift select the next, or box select all of them, etc.

Hm … I remember having tried that, but even with shift, it would just select node by node and not as (windows usual) allow multiselect … hm … have to retry.

I really wish Blender came with a decent material library per renderer … these addons don’t work with newest versions of Blender it seems.

Shift selecting does grab node by node. You can also hit ‘b’ for box select to grab them. Also, in your materials tab, you can select the desired material, and copy - paste the entire material into a new material.

You could also just assign the same material to the faces and then just make it a single user copy by clicking teh number next to the material name. Then you can rename it and adjust the settings as you need.