Copying Objects & Rigs etc, from One Blend file or Scene to Another.

Hi folks,

I’m at my 1.5 week stage teaching myself Blender and finding it awesome! Total newbie to animation and 3D modeling.

OK… question of the day, and yes, I’ve searched the forums but all the answers seem to be for Game engines and make little sense to me.

So I’ve downloaded a bunch of Blend files from tutorials and Blendswap etc. I want to use some of the models and rigs in the scene I’m building while I learn the software. So far, I’ve figured out that I can import a Scene using the Append, and that that pretty much imports everything in the Blend file. Now… how do I get a rigged model from the newly imported scene in my blend file to the other scene that I’m working on?

I know there’s gotta be a REALLY simple way of doing this but no one seems to have given a simple explanation from what I can see… like for us REAL NEWBIES!

I also played around with the Link instead of Append but didn’t see a difference other than an L next to the Scene name. Kinda grey on what the Append and Link do as a whole.

Thanks for taking the time and patience to help a struggling Newb. If you’re so inclined I have a Render problem I’ve posted that no one can solve so far… :eyebrowlift:

Attached is a shot of the scene I’ve built so far - don’t laugh… MANY issues, I know!!! :spin:

Select all the objects you want to move to another scene, and press CTRL-L, then press objects to scene, and choose the scene you want to move it to. This will duplicate it, so you will still have the original object in the starting scene. You can delete that if you don’t need it :wink:

Thanks Dude! That did it. I still have some issues but probably due to the complexity or structure of the model I was playing with importing. (The Gromit dog from Blenderswap.)

So I notice that if I change the object in my main scene, it also changes in the scene I copied it from. I seem to recall that there’s a way of unlinking them once imported into the desired scene leaving the original in its original state, right?

If you want an independent copy of any object in another scene in the same file, use Shift-D (duplicate) instead of Ctrl-L.

Also, my understanding of the difference between linking and appending is:

Link - Sets things up for creating a proxy of the original object. When the object is edited in its original file, it gets changed in any file you’ve linked it into. Also, in the new file where you’ve linked the object in, you can’t edit the object’s mesh; it can only be edited in its original file.

However, you can scale it, rotate it or move it (any actions that can be recorded on the timeline) in the file where the object is linked. Before you are able to perform these animate-able actions, though, you have to create a the proxy (Ctrl-Alt-p and then select from the pop-up menu).

Append - creates a new copy of an object that can be edited in the new file without affecting the original file.

Thanks Ron, very helpful. However, if you simply duplicate the object (Shift-D), how do you get it into another scene without the Ctrl-L step?

The Append function only allows you to select one thing at a time within a blend file, from what I can see. I found that Appending the Scene instead captured it all - objects, textures, rigs, everything. Then I followed the Ctrl-L advice above to get the items I wanted from the newly loaded scene to the scene I was working on. I see that if I work on the object in my scene it changes it in the original scene I brought in. Was just looking to break the link once I got the object into my work scene.

Once it’s duplicated, you still have to do a Ctrl-L or drag-n-drop it in the Outliner to get it into another scene. Once it’s there, if you don’t want it in the original scene, just delete it.

Hold down Shift while Appending to select more than one item. If, however, you want to import things from two separate sections of the file (Brush, Camera, Lamp, Material, Mesh, Object, Scene, World as listed in the Append dialog) you’ll have to do two operations. Shift-selecting can only be done in one section.

Just follow what I wrote above about duplicating instead of Ctrl-L. That will leave you with a duplicate in the original scene as well as the other scene. Delete the duplicate from the original scene and you’re all set.

Got it. Thanks!

Recently (finally) Blender introduced copy/pasting between blend files during the 2.66 development.

Load a blend, select what you want to copy and press CTRL+C (copy) , confirm that you’re copying to the buffer.
Load your other blend and press CTRL+V (paste) and confirm you’re pasting from the buffer.

Sanctuary - Thanks for the heads up. Seems like a logical addition. Very cool. Any idea when 2.66 will be released?