copying of object property on scene overlay

Hello guys… :slight_smile:
I’m currently working on a project of a car racing game in blender. I did a speedometer on my camera but i’m using it for 1 player mode only. If I have a split screen for 2 players mode, I would be able to see the speedometer flying behind the other player’s camera.
So I’m thinking of using a scene overlay of 2 meters, although it works fine on the overlaying when the screen is split, but I can’t copy the property of my car’s speed to animate my meter.
Does anyone know how to copy an object’s property of another scene in the game engine or is there anyway to solve my problem?
Please help this poor student here from Singapore… :frowning:
Thanks!! :smiley:

The message actuator can send signals between scenes. That way, the speedometer’s value can be increased or decreased by a message from the overlay scene.


Little ex:
Scene 1
Whatever Sensor -> AND -> Message Actuator - subject: foo

Overlayed scene
Message Sensor - subject: foo -> AND -> Whatever Actuator

Hhmm… Thanks for the info but I’m still not very sure on how to bring a property and copying it to another object through a message…
What I’m doing on scene 1 is

on my meter
Always — AND — Property Copy (meter’s prop) OBject:car (car’s speed)

In a scene overlay, it won’t be able to detect the object ‘car’, but how am i supposed to bring the speed property tat is constantly changing, either up or down or even remain constant, through a message?
I’ll try to work it out, but I’ll be glad if anyone is able to explain a bit more…
Thank you Stu, OTO and anyone who’s willing to help! =D