Copying physics properties


I have two questions that pertain to copying physics properties:

  • Is it possible to copy physics properties generated for the Blender Game Engine to Cycles Render? I am cell-fracturing an object, and the resulting pieces have masses proportional to their volumes in the Blender Game Engine. However, the same is not true for the Cycles Render—the resulting pieces don’t even have any physics properties. Is there a practical way to copy (the mass, at least)?
  • If I resign myself to having all pieces—regardless of their volume—with the same mass, I can copy the physical properties by setting whatever I want in one piece, selecting the remaining pieces, and the hitting “Copy from Active”. Still, when I set keyframes for the active piece—disabling dynamics for some frames, and then turning it back on once the fractured object gets hit by a wrecking ball, for instance—these keyframes from the active object are not copied to all pieces. Is there a practical way to achieve this?

In answer to my second question, “Ctrl+L”->Animation Data does the trick.

Thanks, me! :smiley:

I just found the (very obvious) answer to my first question: Select all pieces and hit the “Calculate Mass” button in the Physics tools panel (press “T” in the 3D View Editor). I had to specify the density to a custom value, but it works fine.