Copying poses in keyframe animation

Hey, I am currently working on a walk cycle, and would like to copy the X mirrored pose at a later point. Blender isn’t copying everything, and the pose gets messed up. One of my thoughts is, that this may be because I didn’t turn off the deletion of redundant keyframes.

This is the pose I tried to copy (With Cntrl C and clicking the “pose” button in the appearing menu):

This is the pose I got out of it (I used Cntrl Shift V):

And this is after keyframing the pose:

Thanks in advance for any help.

If it is needed, here is the inbetween pose:

Edit: I should say, that copying the pose non-inverted doesn’t work either.

Did you name your left and right side objects with a suffix like .l and .r or .left and .right?

Yes, I did. Except of course from the torso and other objects like that

Try doing it in the dopesheet with your keyframes selected.

It’s dumb but, sometimes, if you copy the keyframe (ctrl+c) in the dope sheet/action editor then delete the key you just copied, and paste the keyframe back to the same location it cleans out corruption.

It’s easy to do & worth a try.

It finally worked, you just saved my sanity, thanks