Copying poses to an array

So i was creating this scene about some people doing the same action. i actually wanted copies of them so i used an array modifier. Then i rigged my original character(very basic) (only the hand actually). I want to apply the same animation for all of the characters as if a army is performing it in a group. So after i turned on array they were all parented to the single armature. How can i parent individual to each separate bone?

Character Body.blend (665 KB)

Here is the .jpg of the problem and .blend file.

Can someone tell me if the question language is bad. If so I will refine it…

Anyways, I finally figured it out.
What can be done is use a particle system instead of making arrays. So not an exact answer of what I asked for but worked for what I wanted to do.
Might be help for someone if someone ever has a doubt.