Copying Properties from one Mesh to Another?

This may seem weird, but I built a head mesh from scratch and it’s exactly what I needed as the head of a sim for Sims 4 Studio…but I go to upload it, and it won’t properly sync because I didn’t alter an “official” Sim head, so I have to download one of their base meshes and edit it. But, since I spent HOURS modeling the one I want to use, so I am hoping there’s a way to copy the vertices coordinates or something and paste that info onto the other mesh. I would just duplicate the object, but I need to apply the properties onto a completely new base mesh.

Is this possible? If so, how?

Thank you in advance!

Data transfer modifier is one way to get various mesh data transferred or projected to another mesh. For the location one could use the shrinkwrap modifier.

I’m not familiar with sims and don’t know its requirements, and your description doesn’t make it clear what is needed.