Copying stuff?

how can I copy gamelogic for example

Your question is too ambiguous.

  1. Do you want to copy logic bricks form one object to another?

  2. Do you want to copy a Python script from one place to another?

  3. Do you want to copy physics properties from one object to another?

the first one I want to copy the gamelogic of my object to my other object and if too can I copy it´s Ipo to a another object

First One: Select Object to copy to, Hold down shift and select object to copy from, Control-C, Logic Bricks.

Second One: Select the Object to copy the IPO from and in the IPO window check the name of the IPO in the IPO name box. Remember this or rename it so you will remember it. Select your other object and in the drop down menu from next to your IPO name select the IPO name from the first one. They both will be using the same IPO now.

thanks man

thanks, i can’t believe I ask the exact same question 5 minutes later :expressionless:

Well, before I found out about control+C I used to just join 2 objects then seperate again, then they would have the logic bricks of the second object I selected, but it still worked. :slight_smile:

Thanks MagicMan

Ha ha ha! That’s classic. Good thing you weren’t using empties, huh?