Copying the Stack of Mesh Modifiers?

I made an impressive shape starting with a simple mesh then using Wireframe, Bevel, and others. The settings have to be just right.

Now I want to make a different object, starting with a different simple mesh, and apply the exact same stack of modifiers. Manually creating the same one and copying all the values seems error prone, and I am very good at being error prone.

Is there a simple way to copy or re-use that first series of modifiers?

I suspect Data Transfer is relevant, but use it so rarely I wouldn’t know if it’s right and how to use it.

In object mode, select your new object, make your old object active (for example, shift+click it in 3D view or ctrl+click it in outliner). Do a Object → Make Links → Modifiers.

The naming is misleading - Blender doesn’t have linked modifiers, so it’ll just copy modifiers from active object to selected one(s).

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