Copying verts?full copy(beginner)

i have a beginner question.
How can i make a full copy of a mesh verts/edges/faces lists.
at first i tried assignment e.g. copy = obj.verts, but then i remembered that it will just create another reference for the obj.verts.

then i tried this copy = obj.verts[:], which is supposed to make a copy, but it won work.

any clues

can you gave an example of the code your using to test?

an example code…hmm i have no real code.
but anyway here is the start of the code
import Blender
from Blender import *
obj = Blender.Mesh.Get(“Cube”)
faces = obj.faces
copy_of_faces = obj.faces[:]

you realy need to show some code that should work and dosnt.
search blenders script dir for py files containing verts[:] for some examples.