Copyright, Military Logo? EU, Ireland

I am currently going to do my first 3D Model for a client, hes in Ireland. He wants a military style helmet with a logo/ Uniform from the defense force, I’m in the US, would I be fine??

What would I have to have him sign so I am not in trouble with his use of it in a mod/ game??

To this date I have not been able to find actual laws on it in ireland.

First thing to always check & look into is the constitution or ask at gov. public offices, their sites…
i.e. Protection and Use of State Emblems

easy, dont include the logo, just put a place holder texture there and let the other guy get in trouble.

Are you talking about ACTA second attempt?I mean EPICA.Temporarily European Parliament rejected EPICA law.Can you explain me what E.P.I.C.A shortcut means,please?I was intended make topic/create new thread to discuss this on this very forum.However they will discuss this on September this year.If they will adopt this law indie games and fangames even rendered 3d artworks will need special licences that won’t be for free I heard they will be very expensive and will cost lots of money to get official public permission.Do you think this will concern Nintendo Headquarters in europe?Imagine me(or you) I am professional(not for now)and I want to for instance revive some cancelled Nintendo old IP(so I’m developing some fangame and I want to show ready demo) and will I be lawsuited,pay very expensive licence or this fangame(of some Nintendo old IP cancelled or finished)or Nintendo’s lawyers will only strike down my and your fangame?Just like they did with Another Metroid 2 Remake and after Nintendo made their own Metroid 2 remake for Nintendo 3DS.I also heard that there link taxes will be charged.In 2011/2012 it was very loud about ACTA,SOPA,CISPA,NISPA.Soon we might hear again about EPICA rejected,but it will be back on September 2018.I heard new FCC chairman Ajit Pai repealed Net Neutrality.

cleaver and evil at the same time XD

Well EPICA will be very beneficial only for big corporations in future.Will this law somehow connected to DMCA,NDA,ACTA(rejected 6 years ago so it’s forgotten)I hope this will never gonna happen.Because I wonder how Sony and Insomniac Games will react to this E.P.I.C.A new copyright law if someday I will make cutscenes of Ratchet and Clank 1(PS4)cutscenes in original PS2 style.