Copyright protection????

I already have listened that the Blender’s .exes can be opened easily. It’s truth? I have some protection against ilegal use of my game objects?

I’m not afraid that someone copies my methods how I do stuff, but I don’t like that people can take textures and models I’ve made… blender can’t go commercial like this…

xintoc, plenty of commercial games allow users to access/modify models and textures. The half-life games are a good example, and they certainly haven’t lost much money because of it :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, but protection anti copy can be a factor to choose a software.

Some peoples or companyes can have this necessity.

If Blender don’t have this they can choose another software.

I think that there are more threads like that (probably even here), but there’s no more to say I think. All reasons are mentioned.

I’m only refering that blender should have an option that could really lock some files…

Yeah, there’s already some posts about this topic. Lol, the one I posted awhile back. Just skim through it, there’s plenty of stuff covered by all these guys.

Jason Lin

I believe this would defeat the purpose of Blender and even the .org era right? Copyright is great but you can never assume that people cant get into your stuff. I dont care how well its protected, someone will figure a way. Its not really worth the trouble I think.