Is there some database where i can find if something has a copy right on it. I don’t want to try to sell something commercially then get sued for everything I have.

This is all I could find:

As far as I know EVERYTHING has a copyright as it is created by someone.

What rights you get for usage, distribution etc. depends on the licence. You can ask for the licence where you get the work from and you can ask the author/creator.

You can’t assume you have all rights if the licence notice and/or copyright mark are missing.

To be sure better get a written permission (= licence).

Right, also see this:

The creator has always a copyright on his created product / art … this is a general right everyone has.

You need to assume that everything has a copyright, and then be able to show, to an impartial court-of-law, that you did in fact “exercise due diligence” in searching for any-and-all possible copyrights governing the work that you used. (“Your Honor, on Tuesday, June 7th, at 9:35 AM on the same date I … and then at 10:17 AM I … and then … and here is the evidence to prove it.”)

Because, you see, someone did “come out of the woodwork” and accuse you of infringement … well after the fact … and so it is that the entire burden-of-proof is now unhappily upon you to show why your “innocent infringement defense” should properly and equitably be sustained . . .

No, it’s not much fun to find yourself in one of those situations where you might actually be “presumed guilty,” but so it is. “Be Prepared.™”

But you do have one pragmatic defense: “I’m a hobbyist.” “I genuinely didn’t know that I was doing something wrong, and I didn’t intentionally do anything wrong, and in any case no actual, demonstrated harm came from what I did … and I throw myself to the Mercy of the Court.”

Which probably will work, because the Court really doesn’t want to bother with you and really why should they. Pragmatically, it’s probably enough (INAL™ !!!) to do this: - Place your own plainly-visible and legally-sufficient copyright notice upon your own work. (In this way, you avoid the bugaboo-fear that what you’ve done might have been “placed in the public domain.”) - [i]Acknowledge your (say it this way…) “Fair Use” of anything that you remotely might consider to be copyrighted material. If you think you know who the copyright owner might be, cite that owner and say, “Fair Use.” In this fashion, you are openly declaring both your awareness that the material might be copyrighted, and your respect for the copyright law. “Even if I unintentionally failed to dot my I’s and cross my T’s, mea culpa, I clearly tried to do no harm.”

INAL, but I do know that one of the bright-line rules of “criminality” is willful intent. Go to the very opposite extreme, then. Show that you meant no harm and that as far as you know you did no harm. You’re a hobbyist. They probably don’t give a damm.

Copyright infringement is very vital.Only the creator owns the copyright.I think it will be illegal to with.Avoid illegal and unethical things and try to always be positive.

Um…i think you mean something else. :).