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The copyright as videos and audios that have this classification in this link here is why I can use in my works without any restriction and I do not need to quote the author?

“You can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission. … When using or citing the work, you should not imply endorsement by the author or the affirmer.” That’s from your link. No, you should not mention the author. This license let’s you do pretty much whatever you want with the work. You can even sell it if you wish with or without any modification and without any mention of the author or where you got it from. It’s a way for the author to let you do with the work whatever you want. When someone puts their work under this license they give you full permission to use it any way you want. You cannot change the license and you cannnot use the work in a way that would conflict with other laws, but as far as copyright goes, there is none here to the extent possible by law.

Take your time. Because you should be sure about legal issues yourself - don’t be naive as Pinocchio was :wink:

Hopefully you know how to read and understand it. Otherwise consult with professional.

There are links on that site:

  1. Legal Code (read the full text)


The Commons Deed is not a legal instrument. It is simply a handy reference for understanding the CC0 Legal Code, a human-readable expression of some of its key terms. Think of it as the user-friendly interface to the CC0 Legal Code beneath. This Deed itself has no legal value, and its contents do not appear in CC0.
Creative Commons is not a law firm and does not provide legal services. Distributing, displaying, or linking to this Commons Deed does not create an attorney-client relationship.
Creative Commons has not verified the copyright status of any work to which CC0 has been applied. CC makes no warranties about any work or its copyright status in any jurisdiction, and disclaims all liability for all uses of any work.

  1. which leads to:

How would you interpret this otherwise?

You can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.

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Anyone have any further questions?
What is CCO cited in the posted link text?

That means that the person has given up all rights to their work. You have absolute free reign to do what you want with it.

As a thought from the “…You cannot change the license…” , do the restrictions carry forward with derived items in this specific circumstance? i.e. if you create something (modified, updated, whatever), are you prevented from applying a more restrictive system on the resulting product?

I don’t think so. There is no one who can say anything about it. The author of the work no longer has any exclusive rights to it. So there is no one who can sue you. It just does not make sense if you take the work and claim it is yours and nobody else can use it because copyright now belongs to you. If it’s a part of your work… Your work is copyrighted. I think it should be treated the same as intellectual property that goes to public domain. It should be treated same as common knowledge. You can for example take an old book that is in public domain or a commonly known myth and make a movie based on it and there is no problem so it’s the same here - do whatever you want with it and don’t worry, there is basically no way you can get in trouble for it.

It’s ok! Thanks for the clarifications.