Coral material

Hi all,
How would you create material (and lighting) for something like this:


Core looks transparent with a little translucency - so i’d start with a glass/translucent mix weighted towards the glass.

Then mix this material with a diffuse or velvet shader using a texture to control mixing (so you can see through parts of it0 - this would be the opaque skin.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll try it.

I wonder if cheating in compositor (or image editor) with 2 different renders could be a faster way to get there? Corals in sharp looks like one, grenish-blue stuff with blur and such - another.

here is a quick proc textures
cannot really make the bumps very deep!

happy bl

Yes, compositor might be easier, but I wanted to make material just for practice.
Nice texture, here is my best try so far:

explain how you did it ?

happy bl

I used standard noise texture with color ramp to increase contrast and pick few yellow-brown colors for Diffuse shader and displacement. I also non-uniformly scale it with mapping node, few times more along y more than x. And mix this diffuse with bluish transparent-translucent shader as y coordinate of UV-s increases.

can u show nodes set up and pic u use for UV map

but still not looking like first pic
made with twisted bands !
but it is a difficult one


I forgot I have a blueish volume scatter too.

Well, it’s not so nice and all that… but i still feel like there is some cheating in the original. I cheated too ;).

Original is a photo. Cheating with emission is a good idea, I got this glow by using fresnel and emission: