Core : a better Roblox

It is build on top of Unreal, it seems you’ll be able to monetize your creations later.
You can script behaviours as easy as coding in Blender.

It has somme good features like voxel terrain and automatic vegetation system

I don’t think they will allow to export your game as a standalone as this would not work with Unreal license.

Also creations will be very limited if they don’t confirm the ability to let users import their own models, textures or animations.
(While they could integrate Unreal editor latest tools like animation editing, modeling and sculpting to let users make their own models in editor).

BTW, that’s a cool new Roblox like modding tool for people that like to mod.

I think they will allow some form of export, but every project made with this can only be distributed through Core’s own storefront (which is not unlike what Roblox does). Beginner game creators may see this as a nice way to get their feet wet, but they will need to go to another engine or download Unreal itself to upgrade to the real deal.

I think games distribution will be with their own player, you won’t be able to make a game working as standalone without it.
They will get the income on your game sales on Steam or mobile for example, but give back some to you, i’m not sure about the percentage they will adopt.

Also i don’t have infos about game saves on PC or their cloud, or if we can make any data type and save it.

For Roblox people can make assets and sell them on their store, that’s another income way, but it seems they won’t do that.

BTW that’s a cool game editor, and people don’t have to deal with multiplayer code or common objects and components, it’s already made to let them focus on the game creation.

What they have done great is the voxel terrain editor and objects painting rules (also the quick moutains making using voxel stamps painting similar to Unity Gaia plugin)