Core - A game that really makes me angry.

The game is called “CORE” (not the most intuitive title, but it works).
I won’t work on it anymore but I thought I’ll post it anyway.
There are only two levels so far but it’s terribly easy to add custom ones.
The objective is to simply collect all the gold and reach the exit.
Nearly everything in the game kills you and reloads the scene.
The controls are W,S,A & D for movement.
DL Blend:

I wonder what makes you “angry” about it? It looks really good and I think it’s too bad you abandoned it.

Anyway, thanks for sharing.

yup that game is frustrating. That;s what makes it awesome, the art style is great, nice and simple… very tech too, I loved it man! :smiley:

The text says “DL blend” but the link took me to a .exe :frowning:

that’s weird, works fine for me. Are you sure you didn’t click anything dodgy? :smiley:

Yeh - I must have clicked something dodgy :open_mouth:

Thank you guys for the feedback, glad you liked it.
MAYBE I’m going to add some more levels and post an updated version here.
But I don’t know, the game seems a bit “too” simple for my taste… doesn’t exist anymore AFAIK, i have the file and i’ll delete it, so if anyone wants it, i uploaded it and you can find the link here:, scroll down and wait for the fetching to complete

Had a lot of fun playing it, though it is very frustrating =P There really isn’t anything I didn’t like, It’s a shame you stopped making it :slight_smile:

yea, damn cool this game. ONLY crit that it’s a bit crowded with visuals. and of course it’s frustrating, but whatever. Better than “go here push this” games.