CORE - devFrost's Summer Project

.CORE is the new game of devFrost. This will be released on this summer.


CORE is the latest game of devFrost (and the first on see light). CORE represents our planet (Earth) and the CORE of this , but , a serious problem has ocurred… a particle of the CORE from the center of the Earth has launched to the superfice and you mission is to return the particle to the CORE of the Earth.


  • 500MB or more of RAM.
  • ATI x1600 or more.
  • DX9 Support.
  • More than 200MB of free space in disc.

Coming Soon.

More Information

Coming Soon more information , we will release a free game version and a “premium” game version. The Premium game version will cost around 5-10$ (5-10€).

Have you started? The “presentation” is also very confusing. Why would a particle change anything?

I maked the post quickly :stuck_out_tongue:

If the particle does not return to the CORE , the Earth is unstable , this is all.