Corellian CR90 spaceship


This is CR90 from StarWars

I have now built this 2 weeks, but still i have lot to do, there are missing a lot of details.
Basically this my first ship.

I will update always when i have some progress.

(sorry my bad english)

Wow, after your Wall-E project I had high expectations and this surpassed them. If anything is missing I would say you should greeble the gaps in the forward plating. Other than that, fantastic.

Thanks! Here is some update ( landing gears and few detail added )

Wow, beautiful! (thunderous applause)

NICE! which film is it from? ROTJ? looks really detailed :smiley:

[long whistle of amazement]

That is awesome. The amount of detail is just…wow.

I’m not sure how accurate it really is, but from the way it’s positioned, it looks a bit on the short side. I thought the ship was a lot longer than that.

(Of course, it wasn’t a uniform greyish-white color, either)

Can’t wait to see the textured turntable!
Much patience you have.

Thanks all! “thought the ship was a lot longer than that” it is very long it just looks like short because the “focal length” was very high.
“Storttboy” i’m not made textures yet, but i have colored the Ship, and i’m gonna put the textures on top of, so the color stay and it is still textured if it makes sense :smiley:

So here it is! (With out textures)

Its completely amazing, cant wait to see it with textures on :smiley:

Basically I am not very good at texturing but i am learning it all the time, so here it is.
Texturing is still work on.
I added some “humans” under the Landing Gears and few details on it.

i think you just stole this from google images lol i joke of course; texturing looks pretty solid to me :smiley:

Great detail! If I remember correctly, it’s been a while since I’ve seen episode 4, there were some red markings on that particular ship. I think adding some color to your version would really add something a little extra to what you already have. I also just noticed the two people standing by the aft landing legs, nice touch.

Holy…! I wouldn’t even now where to start :smiley:

Increadible! The only flaw I can find is that the Depth of Field blurs the ship as well as the background. If this was intended then that’s great but by lowering the Fstop a bit more you could have a truely awesome Render. The Bright Textures work well with this ship. It looks like something taken out of a remake of Star Wars.

Wow, that’s a great model!
One note, in the textured one, the ground plane seems a bit big in comparison o the little people by the wheels (which are a very nice touch! :slight_smile: )

Wow, THIS is really awesome :smiley: I love each of your works… Keep the really great stuff up…
(Sorry, it´s really amazing, I don´t have any words for it… :rolleyes:)

Thanks! The back round is just poor plane but when i got ship ready i will try make good “backround” too.

Phenomenal work!

Absolutely amazing work!