Corellian CR90 spaceship

Hello! Here is my CR90 spaceship from the StarWars.

Hope you like it!

Nice! very well done, how much is the render time and your specs? would be so cool to see an flyby animation with this.
The pure diffuse material on all the hull looks good but could be even better if you mix it with glossy, masking it with a dirty map to not make a perfect mix, also a little bit of Fresnel to control that mix would add a plus

Nice job. I’m curious about the vert count on that. Also, I’m sure the Celestia community might love to get a hand on that. :slight_smile:

Render the 1st one more, too much noise. Otherwise, looks cool.

Very nice! Gave you 4 stars

Beautiful model. That last render is really nice.

Steve S

Sweet! I remember attacking these in tie fighter. Nice model.

Thanks all!

Agus3D : Render time was 15 minutes and 2000 passes with my GeForce GTS450

Very nice and detailed! I like how the engines look too.

BTW you should join my sci fi group: “All About Sci Fi” if you like doing stuff like this often.:slight_smile:

Thanks Hunter G !

I like this. One of my favorite Star Wars ships. Can you see inside the main window? Should add some nice orange Tantooine sunsets. Sunsets are always better with two suns.

Good stuff

Okay, that’s it. I AM GOING TO LEARN CYCLES!!! The composition of the first pic is BEAST, and I can’t get the lighting for my space scenes even close to that good. But it’s not just the lighting that makes this awesome, it’s the modeling. You did a thorough job making all the details that appeared in the movie, and I commend you for that. Well done!!

Thanks owldude! When i had done my modeling part i put it to the black backround and one sunlamp and it didnt look gook :smiley: Before i got that setups it takes me several days to trying different options. Luck for your cycles study! :slight_smile: