Corentin, the ultimate survivor

Hi !

I present to you Corentin, a courageous mouflon. This image is part of a series of post apocalyptic scenes that I am working on. It contrasts with the previous ones, alive, colored.
The other two images in the series (a fourth is in preparation): The Subway and The City

The composition took a long time (and I think there is still room for improvement). Thanks to Laura Mercadal for the advice.
More render on my instagram.

I hope you like it !

Blender 2.83 & Psd/Lightroom.

Little trick for vegetation on complexes objects :

Everything has been modeled / photogrammed in-house.

I present to you Corentin, a good friend, and now in 3d.

All the assets :

(Textures from

The random box Shader :


Really Nice !

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I love the stylized city and the colour pallet is very well suited to combining natural elements with fantasy elements.


Can you make a Desktop wallpaper version pls? this is so good!

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Thanks ! Enjoy ! =)


This is fabulous, and proof of Blender use as Art! :star_struck:

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You’re #featured! :tada:

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Thanks !! :smiley:

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I think you forgot the description on your last insta post ^^

Huh that’s weird. I posted it again, thanks for letting me know!

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