Modeled this Cormorant fishing a perch
Blender 2.83 and eevee rendering



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Thank you :slight_smile:

Great work!

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Thank you @silex

This is actually awesome! Do you have any tips for a newish Blender user?

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Thank you @Calric

After 10 years of 3d hard working (20000 hours). I understand one thing … Just now … Play with your best skill.
For me it’s modeling. And i will keep working only on that…!

So What is your desire and what you like most in 3D ? Modeling, Shading, Texturing, Lighting, Animation, Photography, Staging ?

Find an idea
Keep calm and have patience (1, 2, 3 month, …) The time is very important but only where you want to do.

3D i not a labor but a pleasure (You will understand as 3D will not be a fucking hard working)

If you are with your power and your desire so play with only blender.

I wish you all the courage for you.



Love this work!

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Thank you @Daniil_Ponomarenko

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Awesome! Nice color & render style.

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Thank you @andribenky

You’re #featured! :tada:

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Thank you so much @bartv

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Very unique style! There are a plenty of technically superb works around nowadays but the uniqueness as to their ‘spirit’ is very rare. Someone goes to Artstation and sees so many technically excellent works but most of them are similar to each other, as to their content and as to their mentality and style as well. It is very rare to see something really new. There are so many spaceships and the mentality underlying their structures is almost always similar. And as to the content too, all you see is spaceships, robots, guns, elves, dwarfs, giants, dragons and warriors. Nothing new. It has become very boring. Here the work offers something really different as to its way of expression. Congratulations!


I agree. The thing you described is the difference between the Art and a craft. There is nothing wrong in excellent craft, but in the end it’s repetetive and serve only the purpose of aesthethics and visual pleasure.

The Art needs a true meaning, an idea or a message that can be delivered through form. That’s a challenge on completly different level, and it’s unrelated to your technical skills.


Fantastic work! specially the xray shot, conceptually and artistically!

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my opinion that you did a great image treatment on top of the render … I asked for the nodes shades to show up you ignored me so these images I can’t believe are pure Eevee renderings

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nice work, but was necessary to make the skeleton tho :thinking:?

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@Fatesailor @silex Thank you. I agree with you too. Sometimes the techniques are amazing but the idea or shapes are !!!

@nektares Thank you so much

@billy effectively i use a little bit of compositing with darktable but it is really light.
The lights do it a lot of the eevee render.

@MichaelBenDavid Thank you. At first time I would like to see skeleton and i would like to do other thing (magnetic fields) with the eyes but i stop my idea and it is nice for me to practice modeling skeleton because I love anatomy. Like a scientific drawing !


This is something unique. Love IT!

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