Cornell box test

This is my first try with indirect lighting in blender 2.5. just used one light. It looks really promising.


]([email protected]/4650749863/" title=“cornellbox por onnevan, en Flickr”><img src=“” width=“652” height=“600” alt=“cornellbox”)

And I say to myself:
Great to have GI at least in blender! and it’s pretty fast too.

Illumination looks nice, but what is that grey solid shape in the mirror ball?

I would also try to use the cache at some point, Brecht just commited the first improvement towards it in more than a month today so you might want to try the next render25 build that comes around for your system.

I think the grey solid is the wall behind the camera, but I’m not positive. It may possibly be the ceiling.

A cool test, nonetheless. I’ve never really experimented with it, I might now.

The grey block is the background color of the scene. It should be black, by the way but I forgot to change it. Im trying som architectural test and it looks great.
Ace Dragon, what is the cache you are referring to? another method for GI?

That looks great. What are the settings you used?

I will post the .blend ASAP, meanwhile, AO is set to 0.2, indirect lighting is set to 1, not cached

this looks pretty nice. is the indirect light possible to raytrace now or do you have to approximate?

As far as I know, it is raytraced now

yes, just tested the render branch yesterday! It’s looking phenomenal and very fast!

This is so frustrating!! How did you get GI to work? What build are you using? I’m looking everywhere and it’s not working >:(

Any of the render builds, they usually are called “Render25”