corner shop fro street scene in a game

hey guys this is my first post

feedback and tips would be appreciated:D
its a corner shop for a street scene fro a game im working on:yes:


Looks decent! There’s a corner shop just down the road and I think most of the interesting things that need to be there are there. I like that the bricks/blocks are visible. I like the raised sign on the side. I like how a-symmetrical the window configuration is.

If you can apply the same fundamental properties to your entire levels then you’ll surely help keep your players more oriented. GoldenEye 007 was hailed for that – keeping rooms looking different and offering visual cues in every area that were bold and obvious and offered a different orientation of lines and forms and colors in each area so you were never lost from any camera angle.

So sure, in terms of realism, you hit the mark. In terms of helpful form for playability, you hit the mark. Keep it up!

That looks pretty good, r u adding anything else?

hey guys thanks for the feed back:D
i have other small things like lamp posts and mail boxes which i will be adding in for more detail
and i am also workin on other buildings
i will be posting more soon hopefully…but most are untextured:eek:

another render:D
stil working on it…my texturing skills are very basic
still not sure if i like the colours i have chosen