"Cornered" Comments Please!

Ok…I have but 1 Pic on my site right now but hope to expand… Just click the URL and then click Face.
My web Site!

Heres the Pic…


The site talks about how I made it… I wanted the site to be better but I havn’t had much time. Please post your comments about this.

It is supposed to be a guy cornered by the cops. I am looking for a better texture for the bricks still :frowning: I want him to pop out of a trash can but I havn’t had time to moddle that yet…

Expect more of my work in the future!!

good start, just a few suggestions though. Unless there is more of a scene, or you tell the viewer, they probably wouldn’t know he was cornered by the cops. He could be gettin eating by a monster, or dogs, or something. Other than that just the obvious that your probably aware of (blockyness, etc…)

keep us posted

they guy really needs help.

Eyes bug out too far. The alignment of the irs and colored area (the name escapes me now) looks off. The mouth looks like a deformed polygon blob the way it is now. Everything needs smoothing.

The proportions remind me of a skeleton.

Anyway, good start, but needs some work.

I made a few mistakes with it from the start and I found that It would be easier to start over than to try to fix them.


Maybe you should turn Subsurf on? Then add a little texturing (rust) and Env-maps to make it look “realler”.
P.S> is he a person or robot?