To those who saw this first as one of the splash contest entries: yes I changed the title :stuck_out_tongue:


Were those all individually placed and shaped?

Mostly :slight_smile: PE also used to some degree.


Another flawless image from the second grand master (after @ndy). Great job and very abstract.

Yep, but I just wish you made an animation of these, they practicaly beg for it :slight_smile:

Its Halloween!!! Where’s Candy-Cornocopian??

Simple, but very nice.


I really like it. Fantastic colors too!

Good Luck on the contest!

— Elubie

I love it too, well done rob :smiley:

Robertt: PE?

Thanks so much everyone for the encouraging feedback :slight_smile:

Oh, by PE I meant Proportional Editing :wink:


That’s a beautiful render. I bet it wins.

That junk tite dawg

How u make that shit?