Coroavirus stimulus checks

After reading about this in the news I thought something needs to be done. please show your support and share this link.

Petition to help during coronavirus

To reduce costs, people should have the option to tell Uncle Sam to keep the 1200 dollars he intends to give you, not everyone in the middle class and below needs the money (due to having a stable job or otherwise).

Some people might go on a spending spree with it, but otherwise a lot of people might either stash it away or give it to a person or organization who needs it more than them. If you are smart, you will not see it as the green light to quit your job in favor of pushing for more handouts.

not not with this about Its about states taking millions of dollars to line there own pockets and forcing Americans to break state in forced orders to be able to support there families put the health at risk. every other group agrees not to take money but child support enforcement looking to profit millions for nothing…