Corona bump textures

Hello, does anyone know or have a tutorial to share on how to add bump map textures in blender/corona :?

Oh gosh…
I used to use Corona a lot, but it stopped working when I downloaded Blender ver. 2.70. :confused:
I think you need to use a normal map instead of a B/W displacement map. You can generate a normal map by mapping your displacement texture to the displacement output of a plane with a material in cycles (it’s best to import your image as a plane for right dimensions). Then, move the camera so it’s directly over the plane and looking. Next, make sure that your camera’s dimensions match that of your displacement image and the edges of your plane. Finally, enable the ‘normal’ pass in the render layers, render the image, and save a .png version of the ‘normal’ pass. In Corona, just load your normal map as an image texture and plug it into the normal input on the shader.