Corona Renderer

This is good that you understand me. ))

Have you also contacted or reached out to other “authors” of corona bridge for help?
fe Glen Blanchard (former render_corona bridge developer & maintainer)

I’ve been tried to contact with Glen but without success. After that I’ve started re-working on existing addon with editing and re-coding by myself.

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Hi @odil24 !!
Have you thought about starting Crowdfunding for this type of development?
It could reserve many surprises for you and find collaborators to carry out development in a faster, more targeted and even remunerated way.
Not a bad idea.
There are many of us who dream of being able to work with Corona Render …

Hi. Are you mean crowdfunding with Chaos Czech company or someone else?

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Corona Team has been clear, aren’t they intending to develop (for now?) The Blender product.
So you as a single person, to even have the chance to find someone who gives you a hand (if you need it) and to see also paid all your precious time you dedicate to this development.
Then you never know what this road will take you … :wink:

For now, I only thinking about finishing BETA version of the addon. Maybe, later, I will take someone into my “airplane” for making “ROAD” without “DIRTY” things ))
By the way, BCorona3 SE will be released as soon as possible for Corona Renderer 3.0 standalone (free tier)…

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Hi there. I had been taken NOT USER-FRIENDLY DOC of the latest new format of Corona Standalone scene format (.CDO) but now I must to understand which for what and etc…
By the way, are you waiting Corona 3.0 for Blender 3.0 alpha or will wait Corona 7.0 for Blender 3.0 alpha?
P.s.: Corona 3.0 standalone is FREE for Blender.

7, as they implemented metallic option in materials there. 3 is a bit outdated.