Corona Rendering light-setup

Hi guys,

First of all, I’m new in Blender since a few days. I have decided to learn Corona engine right away so I have been watching tutorials and reading about it. I have also started modeling and rendered a bit, but I don’t totally get the light-setups right… The light-setup seems to be much more easier in cycles than corona. Is it so?

I have huge problems trying to understand the light-setup when I render with corona. Sometimes the render get totally black or white – somethings wrong… Watching tutorials few persons have been using “Corona-Sun” and others don’t and so on…

The following questions may be very basic but for me it’s very confusing (hehe).

  • How do you guys set up your lightning in your scene? For example Indoor/outdoor for a house-project
  • Are you using the “Corona-Sun”, else how do you do to get the light correct?
  • How do you get the effect from a lightning through a window?
  • Is there any default-lamp that could be used?

I would be very pleased if someone could give me a clarify regarding the lightning set-up and explain the basics. Superimpose that I’m totally green in this. Hope you have understanding for that.

Best regards