Corona Room

(rigved) #1

Made in Blender | Rendered in Corona(Standalone)

(raiden1983) #2

Nice interior. I love corona. I use it now for all my project :slight_smile:

(Lee Mears) #3

Looks great, a great level of detail in the model. My eye was drawn to the open door?

(Odilkhan Yakubov) #4

Hey, it so nice! What about your specs, settings and materiaal nodes?

(rigved) #5

@Lee Mears
@Odilkhan Yakubov > THANX , GLAD YOU GUYS LIKE IT.

Yes Corona is Really GREAT RENDERER, Effortless and AMAZING there is nothing like it NOW! @raiden1983

Well there is nothing there I just put it like that! @Lee Mears

As for Specs
Core i7 [email protected]
8Gig RAM
GTX 1070
For settings and Material nodes everything is BASIC and WELL THERE IS NOTHING SPECIAL SINCE ITS “C O R O N A” IT TAKES CARE OF EVERYTHING ITSELF! @Odilkhan Yakubov

(shamirandres) #6

Hi! I bought the latest build of Corona Renderer Standalone recently and I haven’t been able to use it with blender, is there a specific blender build or an exporter that actually works? All the info I see online is from 2014, please help! I hate working on 3ds

(raiden1983) #7

Here you have everything about exporter for blender
I work with it and it is great :smiley:

(Odilkhan Yakubov) #8

can you post your render settings from Corona Blender render panel?

(poromaa) #9

So I have to learn a new render-engine :confused:

Is this result unachievable in cycles?

(Odilkhan Yakubov) #10

@poromaa, no, its Corona Renderer

(rigved) #11

@shamirandres Use blender-corona-exporter, use link raiden posted and makesure use blender 2.64 or 2.7(may work) AND DONT STOP USING 3DS DONT EVEN THINK OF IT. GIVE FIRST PREFERENCE FOR MAX and then you may go with blender!

(rigved) #12

@poromaa Yes you may learn it! Its not unachievable but as for CYCLES to achieve it you have to work a LOT like really LOT and CYCLES is way to much SLOW!.
You can give it try I’m positive you will achieve results you want with CORONA and it easy to use.

(Odilkhan Yakubov) #13

and what about answering to my question?

(raiden1983) #14

@Odilkhan Yakubov i use corona and i thin he not change anything in render panel. You can render od default settings and you can have very good result. Try it :slight_smile:

(raiden1983) #15

@shamirandres i use corona with Blender 2.78 and work perfectly :slight_smile:

(MZGarmi) #16

Did u use Blender for the bedcover or marvelous designer?