Coronavirus discussion (please keep it sensible and civil)

The virus craze is being criminally propagated via the mass media and for the first time in my life here in Canada i was in a crazy scenario at the grocery store today.

I went in as usual and notice the parking lot was quite full for the time of the night 20:00 pm eastern time, then when i went inside and what a shock i had no but seriously is humanity really not worth more than that?

They were crazy grabbing everything they could put their hand on and the store shelves were almost empty of everything and i am not kidding you guy’s.

We have 3 god damn case of that stupid virus in my province that is not lethal at all and they are already in post apocalyptic mode so just imagine how far they will go if something really scary was to happen!

Since i am in fitness for years and pretty muscular guy i went along the interminable line that was all around the freaking store and it’s a pretty big one and i start looking at everyone and i was talking pretty loud and was repeating are you people out of your mind there is only 3 case of this in the whole province. For a moment i thought that one guy was about to advance toward me and i told him right away do you really want to try this and he return in line.

I am usually a gentleman but tonight i was just flabbergast how people can be selfish and dangerous just to get what they want.

I was luckily there for only 3 articles so i went to the quick cash section under 12 items and then the cashier look at me and he told me that people were rude with him and then i turn back and i look at all of them in the line and i said loudly in the store that we should not fear any virus but we should fear the people in the line there where i was pointing my finger.

My own personal opinion about that whole circus is that it is the biggest marketing operation done by Big Pharma prior to sell $ billions of the miraculous vaccine that they probably already have. Mark my words in 2 to 3 month from here if you see mention of the miraculous vaccine then remember my thread here.

Sincerely i never thought the people in my area were like that but at least now i know.

Please feel free to comment about similar situation where you encounter pathetic human behavior.


The media’s doing what the media always does, which is breathlessly hyping stories for ratings. They’ve done it before. Remember Ebola? Sure, it was concerning, but it didn’t need all those flashy graphics, and near 24 hour coverage. The same’s true of the swine flu, SARS, or whatever else you can think of. The reason they do it is because people love a good story, which they’re more than willing to provide.

But notice how these aforementioned outbreaks DIDN’T lead to the panic we’re seeing today with Coronavirus, despite the endless media coverage. The reason for this is because it’s the first outbreak we’ve had in awhile that’s actually somewhat worth the hype. Don’t underestimate it because it’s “just like the flu.” It’s not. Unlike Ebola, where you practically have to be out in the streets, licking corpses to contract it, or SARS, which only became contagious when its sufferers were showing symptoms, and thus burnt itself out fairly quickly, Coronavirus can be spread about by people for up to 9 days before obvious symptoms are shown. That means you have people walking around feeling fine, unknowingly acting as vectors for anyone they come into contact with.

Take that, and combine it with the fact that it’s even more contagious than the flu, and you have a virus that can easily infect the vast majority of a nation’s population in a short amount of time.

…but 97% survival rate means there’s no cause for concern, right? Let’s look at the inverse of that: a 3% fatality rate. Still no cause for concern, right? Let’s look at the numbers.

Per the CDC, the flu has infected roughly 49,000,000 people here in the US during the 2019-2020 flu season. Of those infected, about 20,000 to 52,000 people have died from it. By taking the latter number as the given, and doing some street math, that’s a fatality rate of around .015%. If Coronavirus were to infect as many people, which it very easily could if left to its own devices, you’d be left 1.47 million people dead in the aftermath.

That’s a lot of people.

On top of that, Coronavirus has a higher rate of severe cases compared to the flu. This means you’ll have far more people taking extended stays in the ICU to save their lives than you’d see during normal working conditions. If we saw infection levels equivalent to what we see during your average flu season, these extended stays would stress hospitals and staff to the point of breaking, eventually overwhelming them, and leaving almost no resources available for the other problems our hospitals deal with. You have a heart attack during an outbreak? You’re probably screwed, because the ERs are filled with people on ventilators. Car wreck? Same problem. A full blown Coronavirus outbreak will basically knock our entire healthcare system out of commission.

This is pretty much what’s happening in Italy as we speak. They’re not some poor 3rd world country who has trouble keeping penicillin in stock. It’s a fairly wealthy 1st world nation with premiere healthcare services.

So are people being smart right now? No, they’re not. They’re panicking, acting like idiots, and doing more harm than good.

Is all this panic primarily driven by the media overhyping the easily impressionable? No. Coronavirus really is that scary. It’s the pandemic of our time. Don’t underestimate it.


A biologist mention that the current strain as mutated to a weaker form but still there is no reason for people to go berserk in grocery store specially when you have only 3 cases in a province of 7 millions people!

I will try to remain calm but the more i see the media over hyping this the crazier the people will get.

We are talking about Canada one of the suppose most civilize nation on Earth and what i have heard about China is humbling to say the least because there was no rush in grocery stores and they remain relatively calm and now it is almost over for them fewer case diminishing everyday.

I know old folks around here that will now live in fear because of these idiots at the grocery store.

Today i am seriously ashamed to be part of the human specie…

I will never get as low as these people even if i am starving. Very sad to see the state of humanity currently, i am 55 and death doesn’t scare me at all on the contrary it seem a better place to be.

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If there is 3 known cases then there are more than 3 people that has it. In Sweden there was like 30 cases days ago and now there is over 600 cases. Sweden has crazy amount of old people. So it is serious. But why people are buying stuff for themselves instead for the old people… I have no idea.


The whole story is starting to stink seriously and i have a bad feeling about this since all night long we heard a lot of police cars with sirens on, a lot more than usual.

I hope this will not degenerate further on but frankly the stores should put restrictions on how many articles people can buy just like they do when there is a sale or else there will be old people who will not eat correctly and they deserved better than this after serving their country for their whole life.

I still have the look of their faces in my mind when i was crossing them and they were mostly looking at the ground and were avoiding my eyes.


Well agreed but there is one thing this whole situation made me sure of. In case the Coronavirus were something different like 100% deadly to everybody then whole civilization would end within few weeks. We think of ourselves as advanced society but deep down(maybe not that deep) we are still brutes run by primal instincts.


I would have understand the panic if something was worth panicking over but there is no real reason for that kind of reactions.

Also the big question everyone seem afraid to talk about is that 4 countries biologists are saying that this virus was build in a laboratory and it was not a natural virus coming from nature.

So that’s the reason why i thought it was a massive marketing campaign from Big Pharma since they have the biologists to make it and then make a few billions $ by selling the vaccine.

Frankly if it was a bio weapon create from a specific country we would already be living in a post thermonuclear environment so that’s why i think it’s a man made virus with probably money goal behind it. And we also know that Big Pharma possess many news outlet in the world and they are also tied with the military.

These are only my personal opinions and nothing more but i am consider as someone highly intuitive by nature.

HI, i have to agree with everything that was said so far about the human nature and the speed that this virus spread, but by panic buying and mass gathering you are more likely to catch and spread the virus even faster.


That’s the first I’ve heard of this.

From what I’ve read, it’s basically another variation of always present, but rarely deadly Coronavirus, acting like a sneakier, though weaker version of it’s cousin, SARS-CoV. The only thing that makes this strange is that this outbreak is either from a strain that either hasn’t been seen before, or wasn’t previously considered infectious to humans, hence the novel preface.

No official sources I’ve come across have said anything about this being potentially engineered.

But in the meantime…


Unless those biologist have done some studies on this, it’s just a conspiracy theory. Corona virus has been written about in the 70s. A mutation is not impossible as there are more people in the world and higher temperature of the global warming for an example. Pharma companies don’t need to create more diseases, if they want money they’ll charge more.

Just don’t talk ill about vaccines as they have gotten a bad rep because of Jim Careys ex girlfriend and for some reason all the “Karen” wives and conspiracy loons sucked it up. Vaccines makes sure the virus don’t spread and by stopping the spread the mutations are lowered.


oh boy, there’s always just “3 god damn cases” in the beginning. So were in China or Italy, or Iran. Ever heard of something called exponential growth? There’s not a single epidemiologist out there who thinks that will be mild or that there aren’t hundreds of undetected cases already. If you want to play ostrich good on you but don’t get others in dangers because you don’t believe in what scientists say.
what is exponentional growth


Well said @Stan.Eshman.

There’s a lot of dangerous nonsense being written.

What makes Covid19 such a dangerous virus are the high numbers of patients who require respirators. A very small outbreak in a country can easily overwhelm the most modern and well equipped health service this would leave many patients to die drowning in their own body fluids to complete organ failure at home. This exit does not appeal to me.

If you don’t take this situation seriously you’re not only a danger to yourself but you are a danger to your relatives particularly your older relatives.

Anyone under 40 has very little to fear but anyone over 50 with underlying health issues could become very seriously ill indeed. Don’t be the idiot to go on to infect a love one because you thought the current situation is blown out of proportion.

A vaccine is over a year away so don’t hold out hope of that turning up soon to save the day.

The seasonal flu infects millions and takes tens of thousands of lives. The people dying from flu are the oldest of the old and the sickest of the sick, people who are truly at the end of their lives. The flu season has already taken these people. Covid19 has your 70 year old grandmother in its sights who will probably live to she’s 85. It has your 55 year old father who smokes in its sights, it might take your best friend who is fighting cancer.

Don’t take my word for it, listen to medics not forum posters. Wash your hands and stay safe.


Hahahaha. Haha. Come on.
There they are finally: conspiracy theories about evil masterminds pulling the strings. Great exchange somewhere maybe? :slight_smile:

It seems some of us have lost any connection to nature, how it works and what nice things it can pull out of its sleeve by itself, without being directed by human “intelligence”.
The only conspiracy I can see here is the one that keeps feeding us with illusions about ourselves, our intellectual and cognitive capabilities, our role in this world. Here comes a little reminder: we are not special but just another animal species. And if they see the chance, microorganisms will happily use us as a place to make a living in - and cause a little damage as a side effect or maybe even screw up the place, just like we do and for the same reasons. That has happened before, and it will happen again …


There are far too many humans on this planet anyway.


The panic buying is definitely stupid and counterproductive, but the disease is not. It has a very high mortality rate for the elderly and those with co-morbidities like obesity, diabetes or asthma. It also spreads even easier than the regular flu. There’s no herd immunity as it’s completely novel. The best thing is to take it seriously.

It is at this point likely to overwhelm the medical systems both in the US and the EU unless much stricter measures are taken immediately. Once that happens, everybody who has any not-immediately-life-threatening medical issue, will simply get ignored. Just look at what’s happening in Italy.

Wash your hands, don’t go to large gatherings, avoid touching.


Absolutely. Italy’s Lombardy’s HC system has top grades by OECD standards but when overwhelmed they are just as good as Nigeria. What is now a 15% ICU rate will then be the death rate, not even considering the ripple effect here.
Don’t panic but precaution is definitely in order.


Honestly, why is anyone surprised at this? This is the most human thing in all of humanity. The race to preserve one’s self and their family and loved ones and the world be damned. Anyone that has ever studied history will know that this has happen a thousands times, and it will happen a thousand more. It’s very natural. Survival of the fittest, survival of the stronghest, working for the well being of the tribe(family, friends, etc) and to preserve it and all else be damned.

This is perfectly normal human behaviour that has been witnessed thousands of times and will continue to exist for as long as humans are humans. People like to think we have evolved, that we are better then our ancestors, we’re not. We are exactly the same, we just have more tecnology and cool gadgets to keep us entertained and forget about the reality of the world and what we truly are.

It’s during these moments that you are reminded of the reality of our world.

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I am not going to address any of the hundreds of conspiracy theories that circulate. Nor am I going to comment on how the media treats the issue.
The facts are more important. It is true that the mortality rate is low in healthy people, but it complicates the risk groups, mainly the elderly and immunosuppressed (due to illness or those receiving immunosuppressive medication), which are really very many people. Furthermore, this virus is easily spread and contagious, which has shown that it can collapse health systems for many sick people at the same time, therefore all patients are at risk, not only those with the coronavirus. This is why I do not consider the security and prevention actions that governments are taking to be disproportionate, I do not consider that this is simply a stupid virus.
This is why I believe that healthy people who do not have pre-existing diseases should be responsible, more than anything for solidarity with these aforementioned risk groups, and respect all the prevention, hygiene and safety instructions that governments and ministries of health are indicating around the world.
So I do not consider that there is an overreaction at least in the preventive actions that responsible governments are taking.



Looking at human nature, the responses/conspiracies on social media, and the way every other country in the West is following the -exact- same numbers as Wuhan, South Korea, Italy & Iran.
The worst has yet to start…

Use your brain noodle, stay away from large crowds, and places like the gym etc.
Stay at home if feeling sick, don’t be an ass and infect others because you’re that ‘it’s just the flue’ person. The elderly, the immune compromised, and already sick people will appreciate not getting infected.

But if people stay their selfish self, and ignore every recommendation, it’s going to be a long spring/summer period while we’re battling this. And the moment people start to relax when it’s slowing down, it will hit us again when the winter starts.

Take care of your hygiene, and stay safe yourself!