Coronavirus effect on artwork jobs?

How has this coronavirus affected the work being done in the artwork. Is it suffering. I think artwork is hurt the first and most during depressions.

Im working from home but not really advancing because of covid fear.

I work from home as usual.

Lost one job because of the virus and got another one deferred “indefinately”.

One job I finished a while ago but have not been payed for was for a conglomerate of restaurants. Restaurants are going out of business left and right so I wouldn’t be surprised if that money was gone. This was a very small job ( ~700€) so it would be endurable.

The only real influence I’ve seen (as of my viewing of the Artwork forums) is there’s quite a few works featuring the virus itself. It’s quite common for world events, movies, and the like to influence what gets made.

It is true that artist create works based on current trends and events. It annoys me when they do this. But I guess most of the world expects and likes it, because they do this thing. I too made a picture of a virus, it was for an article I wrote.

Do you work for a company or a independent?

Im working for a company, im getting paid, but is harder to work like I used to because I dont have a babysitter anymore and takes way more time than before to do groceries.

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Why? Please explain that to me.

I run a small business doing Marine Canvasses and we got hit almost instantly… customers pulled out of contracts even though all materials are in, refunds everywhere… Our shop is closed and overhead costs are no longer covered…
A little breakdown, do you have any of these?:

  • Facility Rent?
  • Supplier Expenses?
  • Cost of Logistics?
  • Payroll taxes?
  • Terminal Rent?
  • GST, PST, Income Tax…
    list goes on…

…edit: almost forgot … finished jobs don’t get paid.
We’re screwed.

I emailed the person working on my cat character back in March when the virus was beginning to kick off and I was wondering how it was hurting the independent artist. I hope the dood’s safe and all that.

Interesting topic, would be cool to hear people’s experience, now that many countries have been in some sort of lockdown for at least a few weeks.

Two perspectives from my point of view.

As someone who’s working for a big company, most VFX studios have transitioned to remote work. I’m experiencing lag due to either my ISP or the companies VPN choice, no way to tell. Also, tablet pressure isn’t working, which could be a huge issue for many departments. I’d say my productivity is at about 80% due to technical hickups.

As someone who also does a lot of freelance work, I noticed many clients putting projects on hold or having financial difficulties. It’s a tough time for everyone, some bigger projects are safe, everything for the Christmas market, but anything else seems to a bit iffy.

How are others coping? Would be great to hear about people working for other companies, industries, freelancers or hobbyists alike.

Coping depression due to coronavirus.