Coronavirus spike blocked by drug compund

An animation I created on the use of supercomputing for coronavirus research!

View the full article and animation here.


Nice work!


Thank you!

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Where there any specific guides for choosing the materials or colors or you were to go with your own ideas?

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I was provided guidance on colors to work with based on the software they use for producing some of their 3D models. I would have liked to add more detail, like coloring the different areas of the proteins different colors, but had to go with something significantly more simple since it was a rush request.

Also according to my own experience in cases like these, simple materials are better because the image is clear and communicates better. Other times you need top quality for movie special effects or other times clean and sharp images that look like illustrations. There is lots decision making on how to make something look like.

Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

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