Corporate Mascot Animation

Just got finished with a quick project for a local professional association. From start to finish it took about 36 hours. The character and rig I already had, all that was accomplished was the animation and render.

First Video:

Entire Playlist:

There are seven videos total, just about 2 minutes in length. They are using these segments to announce different portions of their spring conference, breaks, lunch, etc.
Rendered with Octane.


Need more facial expression, perhaps increase the eye blink rate. Try adding a Hemi light to the scene and setting the energy to 0.1. That will get rid of those deep black crevices.

Thanks Atom. You are right, the animation is far from perfect, and the rendering could definitely be improved. We only had a 40 hour budget for audio, animation and rendering so it is what it is. :slight_smile: I am happy with the results based on the time invested, and more importantly the client is too! Thanks for the feedback.

Hey friend, any news on actionscript, are using any developing in this or just animation…?

Hi Andre! Just animation, they are going to simply play these short clips at defined times throughout the conference. Unfortunately these days no one is hiring me to do any work with our beloved Flash. Steve did his job well, he has killed our baby as his parting gift to this world. The less technically minded folk had never even heard of Flash, first time they learned what it was is when he told them it was dead. And they believed him. :frowning:

These days, everything I do is Javascript…and I don’t enjoy it nearly as much.

I have finished all my projects using netstream to play the flv´s, wanna start to use spritesheets instead of flvs like it´s used in games haven´t you tried yet…? I would like to update all my projects to javascript but I dont know if it can do it like flash does…

I´ve added a flv with a custom animation that I used in one of the characters we create and used here, to automate the process of character talking, idle animation, on e-learning courses, so you could check it out…

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Yeah, agree, the eyes lack emotion, you need to do something with them.