Corporate Men's Room

I know this is missing alot so please…let me have it! This is a render of my company men’s room (yeah it was weird for my wife when she was going through my picture phone and found pics of the men’s restroom…hard to explain until now…lol) Let me know everything it’s missing, and what I did well on so that I know what to leave alone. Lighting tips would be PERFECT…no AO was used and I only have two lights…one sun light that’s far off and one lamp inside the bathroom towards the flourescent lights… Thanks as usual gang


I just noticed this. Heh. Must’ve gotten lost in the fray. Anyway, it’s good, but the lighting is pretty bizarre. It’s all hard-edged, that and the sunlight makes a crapload of strange shadows that don’t have any apparent origin or apparent purpose.

Ok, lets start off with the fluorescent, I’m assuming you used a point light on account of the shadows, this is probably bad. No light in real life is that hard-edged, especially not fluorescent, because they’re so long, the light is cast over an area. So, what you’d want to do would be stick a rectangular area light that’s the rough size of the light opening there, and let the beautiful, soft-edged ray shadows spill forth. I’m not sure what the sunlight was for, cause there don’t seem to be any window shadows; so, if it was supposed to be ambient lighting, then I’d use ambient occlusion.

Of course, a much easier and better-looking alternative might be radiosity, too. Either way, though, you need to get rid of the stark, clashing shadows, and try and mellow stuff out a bit.