Corporative Mascot - An Alien Octopus :)

Hi! I present you this / these characters that I have created for a company to be used as his mascot. It is a main mascot, and then several variations for each of the services they offer.
In summary: A cute alien octopus :octopus::octopus::alien::space_invader::panda_face:
I leave here some images of Blender and some samples of render (these are in low quality)

I hope you like it! And if someone wants to see some more render in better quality, or something else, you can ask! (And you can show more on my website)

Ah! And the website for which they were created, which has also been designed and programmed by me:

All made in Blender 2.79 and render with Cycles



You know this looks like the character ‘Oh’ from the movie Home by Dreamworks. It’s way to similar to not make that comparison.

Yeah I was just about to say the same thing. Did you design the character Nacho, or did they have a sketch of what they wanted?

Also, the character is nice but the eyes look dead… add some sparkle… or at least a specular highlight. :slight_smile:

Woh, I did not know him. :flushed::scream:
Illustration reference is not mine. It was provided by the client. Well, he really gave me a pencil sketch.
I have not published the reference because I have not asked permission from the company, but seeing what you say … it does not look like an original illustration … :fearful::rage:
In fact, the color of the character, as he told me, is because of the color of the company brand.
You made me doubt … I do not believe in coincidences, and maybe I should have verified that there was nothing similar in 3d …

Thank you anyway!

No, @stevecameron, as I was saying, they gave me a pencil sketch … Grrrrrr

In any case, it’s a job delivered and finished, and it did not take me long …
Thanks for the criticism of the eyes … Hehehe I am aware :wink: …It should also have a texture on the top of the head, but the conditions on the part of the client did not give for so much…

No worries. It’s not on your table. They gave the the sketch and you did your job and you did it good. I like the homepage how it moves with mouse pointer.

Thank´s @BigBlend . I made the website too! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

How disgusting! of people and company! It does not end with the theme of the sketch the thing …
Today I visited this website that I designed and I programmed for them and they have eliminated the reference of authorship at the footer of the website, to include the name of another company!
In my country, this goes against the Intellectual Property Law (I do not know in your country how this works)
I wanted to unburden myself here because I put here the link to your web …
And I think it’s related to the thread …
Anyway, after the previous comments, it was expected …
I’m sorry if this does not correspond to put it here …