Corpse at Computer

Well, so far i am feeling this piece pretty well. But I was wanting the scene to be completely dark, except the computer monitor. That leads to my question, how would i get light to look like its coming from the monitor?


You can position the light coming from the monitor.

You can enable radiosity. Set the monitor to have an emit value and hit the radiosity button in the render menu. (also get rid of your lamp)

Creepy, pretty cool though :slight_smile: but the lighting needs some work,

Lol, I know the lighting needs work. I just slapped some lamps in there so guys could see it, and thanks for the advice and support

I wouldn’t reccomend radiosity. Try an area light positioned right in front of, and facing away from, the monitor. dithering and 8+ samples should give a nice soft look. If it still lights up too much of the scene maybe adding some ‘subtract’ ambient occlusion would work.
And the other option is, for lighting up the face for example, use a spot light with soft edges.

Nice model by the way! Good textures could really take it up to the next leve.

Edit: Oh yeah, and you need to learn to hate the default blue background (of death).

You can always add negative lamps to reduce the light in parts of the scene. Using layers and light groups you are also capable to reduce the light interaction to certain elements.

Second blenditall on not using radiosity. Blender’s radiosity is… kinda cheap. It’s handy for colouration in well-lit [real-time] scenes, but as the only light source it lacks a certain something (Compare it with Yafray or POV to see what I’m talking about).

I think you also need to improve the scene first, some cables, keyboard, etc. might really help, also walls, floor, and textures. Textures, textures, textures. Then worry about lighting.

I don’t agree with fudje. I think you can work on your basic lightning now, then add texturing and afterwards rework your lightning. I think the lightning greatly influences the way textures look especially when doing a still. But everyone has their own way of dealing with the process.

Im working on that now. Rember, its in progress :stuck_out_tongue:

Decent progress?