corpulent warrior model (Feedback + Tipps)

Hey everyone,

I’m really happy to present you my warrior model. It’s a lowpoly model that should also work for games (It won’t be animated or really used, it’s just to learn the worklow). I would be really happy to get some feedback. I would also be happy ti get some advices how you would continoue with coloring and texturing this model? Currently I feel a bit lost with all the possibilitys you have to do this and I’m struggeling with my inexperience in this area…
One example how do you create/genereate your Specularmaps?

Short Workflow summary:

  • I draw some silhouettes to get an idea how the character could look like
  • I made the blueprints
  • I blocked out the model with Blender
  • Sculping with Sketchfab, later I totaly overworked that with zBrush
  • Retopology with Blender
  • Make the UVs
  • Baking of ambience Oclusion and Normalmaps

Next steps:

  • Textures + Specular Map
  • Create Weapons
  • Create the Setting
  • Light and Rendering

hard facts:

  • 8600 Quads
  • 1024x1024 NormalMap (armor)
  • 1024x1024 NormalMap (body)

Highpoly (zBrush)